• Company vision

Company vision

Current of Inorace Seal Co., Ltd
Inorres Seal Co., Ltd
RUBBER SEAL Specialized Company

Leading the Domestic Market Change
Entering the global market based on quality and technology

RUBBER SEAL Specialized Company

  • RUBER SEAL, founded in 1990
  • Focus on high value-added products since 1999
  • Successful localization of PRIME SEAL related to semiconductor and pneumatic pressure industries
  • FKM, FFKM Main Products
  • FKM, FFKM Main Product Endless SEAL Technology Partnership (TAGAML SEAL)

Innovate with continuous R&D

  • Continuous Research for the Development of the World's No. 1 Products
  • Development of new high-efficiency productsb

Know-how with 30 years of experience

  • R&D Investments Lead Market Transformation in 1990
  • 30 years of experience with a variety of infrastructure technologies
  • Allowable tolerance ½level management
The future of Inorace Seal Co., Ltd

bold investment

  • - Facility investment : 10% or more compared to sales
  • - R&D investment: 5% or more of sales
  • - Human resource development : education, recruitment
World Company Creates Technology, Talent, and Value

Achieve 30% market share in 2020

Continuous R&D

  • - Improving the quality and cost of existing products
  • - Development of high-quality, high-quality products with price competitiveness
  • - Development of eco-friendly products (extend product life)
  • - Replacement of localization of imported goods