• CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

Since its inception in 1990
Having been with the growth of the rubber seal product industry, Inores Seal Co., Ltd. has now grown into a representative seal specialist in the country of origin.

We would like to express our deep gratitude on behalf of our company to all our customers, executives and business partners who helped and watched the growth of Inores Seal Co., Ltd.

Now, Inorresseal Co., Ltd. is preparing for a second leap forward. In a rapidly changing market environment, we are preparing for a bigger leap forward in the global market through technological innovation.

Based on the skills, experience, and know-how accumulated in the domestic rubber seal field, we will show quality excellence and technical skills to customers in industrial fields around the world. In addition to securing excellent research personnel and fostering talent, we will make bold investments to realize the best quality in the world, and through constant research and innovation, we will try to become the best global company that can impress all customers around the world. We promise you that this will be the future of Inorres Seal, a company that cares about talent, technology, and the environment, and we ask for your continued encouragement, love, and rebuke. Thank you.

CEO Yoon Deok In