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High temperature environment

High temperature environment

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Perfluoroelastomer is a new material for fluorinated resins. It exhibits the best resistance to almost all drugs, such as organic acids, alkalis, ketones, esters, alcohols, fuel oils, and hot water, which have not been available as conventional fluorine rubber.
Heat resistance can be used in high-temperature environments close to 320°C for short-term fixed seals, although 300°C is the upper limit.

The Transva series is a crystal product without adding FILLER. It is a new ultra-high purity product used mainly in the semiconductor industry
TechRes 7481 = Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance to high temperatures.
TechRes IP28 = Products used in high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition processes with balanced resistance

TechRes IP28 고밀도 플라즈마 화학증착 공정에 균형잡힌 저항성으로 사용되는 제품 Download